1. How to be our VIP member, what is the VIP member can get?

Firstly: click the “Join us! Register”, send the application to our email, and please make sure that the information include your complete company details also with the transaction currency in your country. We will look through your information and send you the VIP member USER NAME & PASSWORD within one working date after we received your email.

When you received your USER NAME& PASSWORD, you can load on it in our website, be VIP member, you can check all of our products details, or, you can just get some of the products after your searching, can not check the newest products information. VIP members can load on the shopping cart and enquire in bulk, checks the inquiry sheets in history, know what the state is for that now; be our VIP member, you can also have your private favorites to collect the products which you are interested with. For our VIP member, we will send you the hottest new products periodically to make you know best about the market.


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2.How to get the products information

you can load on our website:, there is a catalog with all kinds of our products in the home page. Also in the home page, you can see the “Below character dictionary quick search”, you can input the key words for the products you want and the website will skip to the page with the products you want. Just like, you input the “doll”, and click “GO!” you will get the page with the information of DOLL, or you can also check the information at the catalog.

When you click a certain kind of toys, the website will show you the products list for this kind of toys. If you can not find the toys you want in our website, you can also click our online service, contact with our online servers, we can give you better service on that.

Below character dictionary quick search

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You can click the “LOCATE INFO” in our home page, we will show you the map of CHENGHAI, SHANTOU, GUANGDONG, CHINA. You can see the sign in the map which show “VIP TOYS”, that is where we are.

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You can click the “CONTACT US” in the home page, the website will give you the contact information of our company.


5.WHAT ABOUT OUR COMPANY, what we can provide?

We are happy to take this opportunity to introduce you to our company---MODERN TOYS.

As one of the leading toys expert and trading company in Shantou, china, we have the superiority of the geographical location, communications network and experience in plastic products.

Be a trading company, we have more than 200,000 kinds of toys which can provide you all ranges of toys; we keep good relationship with more than 8000 factories in Chenghai, Shantou. We also have a group of excellent and professionals who can supply you with the most satisfactory service.

Our company is now positioned to provide the highest level of support and performance as your source for quality control and high performance toys.

We look forward to our cooperation!